Het Filmontbijt, de lekkerste voorstellingen For several years, we had a successful event in Antwerp, Belgium, at "Cinema Calypso" called "Het Filmontbijt" (English: "movie breakfast"). The event tempted visitors on a Sunday morning with croissants, some coffee and other delicious breakfast combined with a great movie from the last year. During one of the showings in 1993, we had <a href="">Antje De Boeck</a> as a guest whom we presented with a "Reuzencroissant" (giant croissant) for her role in the Oscar-nominated movie <a href="">Daens</a>. The event, co-hosted by Geert and Johan and with live music from Wouter, was very well visited and a lot of fun. This album contains some of the pictures taken on that day.

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